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Portfolio Management

Manage Your Portfolio with Ease

An efficiently managed Portfolio drops the risk of loss

A large basket of securities is available for the small investors. They can share the advantages of an efficiently managed portfolio by experts. This portfolio management system diversification deducts your risk of loss by investing your money in various geographic regions. It prevents an investor from the cliché “Put all your eggs in one basket”. We will spread your fund across various reputed industries.

What You Can Expect From Our Portfolio Management

Our simplified portfolio management tracks all of your investments, your assets and your cash flow via our live price updates. You can easily see your multiple stocks, mutual funds, your transactions with an ease. You can also view your best investments without searching too much.

View Your Transaction History

You can see when you made transactions, which have taken place in your mutual funds and stocks. You can also see transactions made in different financial years.

Capital Benefit

You can view a quick summary of your capital gains in current fiscal and all of your tax status.

Mutual Fund SIP Tracking

Track your mutual funds through our Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan. It helps you in keeping you updated and completes your auto updation.

Track Your Watch List

We provide a powerful engine to those who want to track their funds, stocks, and commodities before they decide to invest in them or not.

Check Your Portfolio

You can check and compare your portfolio performance and individual stocks as well as funds.

Check Your Dividends

Now, you can track your previous dividends declared by your mutual funds and stocks as well as auto adjust your mutual funds for re-investments and payouts.

Lower The Risk of Your Assets

Our offered tool will help you in estimating your financial risk tolerance level and risk taking capacity. Our aim is to provide you maximum benefits by lowering down the risks of your assets.

Classified Industry

Through this service, you can view your money invested in various sectors. You can also see the percentage of your total investment and the sector it belongs to.

Frequent Updates

It keeps you updated by offering a financial snapshot of various companies in your portfolio. It also lets you see the latest results of the stocks in your portfolio with a growth in net profit and sales.

Updates Through Emails & SMS

In case if you are not able to check your portfolio management system and you are missing out on the latest updates, then you don’t have to worry anymore as we keep you updated all the time. You can track your investments through emails and SMS and check the price, black deals, volumes news and your portfolio.

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