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Mutual Fund

Investing in mutual funds is very easy. You will be provided with all the accurate information so it would be easier for you to invest in such mutual funds that can provide you excellent returns.

Cognus Capital Invest has a tie-up with all the major Asset Management Companies (AMC). Our offered mutual funds schemes are a part of our product basket. If you are associated with CCI (Cognus capital Invest), then you can certainly offer any Mutual Fund scheme to the clients.

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Fixed Income

Fixed income is a basket of fixed income investments that has been made by you. You receive an income rate with an interest in a certain period of time. It helps you in covering your financial plans. The most common fixed income securities include corporate bonds, certificates of deposit, treasury bonds, and any preferred stock.

CCI has a tie-up with various leading organizations for distribution of fixed income products. Things like the addition of the mutual funds make the product basket more beneficial and attractive.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is also known as the professional asset management, helps in managing the securities of several bonds and various securities. If you are looking for some specific investment goals and want to achieve great returns, then portfolio management would be very beneficial for you.

At CCI, we offer our very own PMS (Portfolio Management System). Our existing strategies include very rare product, which is Mutual Funds. One can subscribe to our PMS products and as well as to other PMS products offered by the other providers. Our offered PMS products are only available for our partners.

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Real Estate

Investing in a property is not as simple as you think. Invest in a property wisely by taking care of various things. For example if a land that you wish to invest in is available or not, if the land will provide you great benefits, etc. CCI helps you in dealing with such incomprehensible dealings.

Our clients and the CCI partners deal in the real estate market and have the tie-ups with several leading developers in the country. Our exclusive projects are available only to our clients and CCI partners.

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CCI also helps you in covering your health. The mediclaim through CCI is available to individuals between the age of 18 to 80. Mediclaim is very supportive when it comes to sudden illness, accident, or a surgery of a disease, which appeared during the policy.

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