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Investor Awareness Meet for "Long Term Financial Planning”

Investor Awareness Meet for Long Term Financial Planning
February 21, 2016

Money can never lose its importance. It is required to meet lots of life objectives. Proper financial planning is necessary to make sure that those dependent on the earning member of the family do not run out of resources ever. Mutual funds give fabulous results when the money remain invested for long term due to the power of compounding. This point was aptly put across the investors during the investment awareness meet held at Hotel Meenakshi, Hiran Magri, Udaipur on 20th Feb 2016.

Salaried people have restricted sources of income. If their money works for them, it proves to be a bonus to them. While all other savings avenues do not guarantee much in terms of returns, mutual funds have the ability to convert the rags into riches. Mr Vinod Agrawal very comprehensively demonstrated the returns structure of a mutual fund and compared it with other options too to give a clearer picture to the investors at this awareness meet.

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