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Investors' Awareness Programme Organised to Impart Knowledge About Equity Funds to Gain Wealth

Monthly Partners Meet
Oct 15, 2016

Cognus Capital Invest has a belief of being in regular touch with its clients and provides substantial knowledge to them regarding mutual fund investments. With the same belief, another investors' meet was organised on October 15, 2016, at Shahpura, which aimed at educating the investors about equity mutual funds.

Creating wealth for the future of investors is the primary objective for which Mr Virendra Ranawat, the CEO of Cognus Capital Invest works and for the same reason, this meeting was held. There is a misconception among the investors that equity stocks are prone to market fluctuations and investing in them is same as trading in stocks. But, Mr Ankur Jain (Branch Manager) educated the investors and explained them about the real facts of equity funds and how they are different from trading on exchange.

Mr Ankur Jain spoke on the following points and explained the whole concept of equity investments:

  • Meaning of Equity Fund
  • How is it Different from Other Mutual Funds?
  • Various Types of Equity Funds
  • How Does it Provide Wealth Creation?
  • Who Should Consider Investing in it?
  • Why is it the Best Strategy for Long-Term Investment?

Henceforth, there was interaction between the host and audience in which investors put their queries and got the perfect solutions. The meeting was indeed successfully ended on a satisfactory note and the clients got a complete insight on equity investments.

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