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"Investor Awareness Meet" at Hotel Royal Inn, Udaipur

Investor Awareness Meet at Hotel Royal Inn, Udaipur
November 28, 2015

It has been observed that mutual fund investment services have grown up substantially in the past few years. By keeping this factor in mind, CCI emphasizes on quality investor awareness meets to spread word on investments & financial planning among people. To meet the aim of encouraging people towards developing the practice of saving, Cognus Capital Invest organizes "Investor Awareness Programs" regularly to educate investors about mutual fund market & importance of financial planning.

The major focus of Investor Meet is to develop interest of the people towards Financial Planning. We also look at the improvement in the quality of these programmes in terms of their impact on the financial planning trends developing among people. Investor Meets help in encouraging people to look forward to mutual funds as an avenue for saving in a structured and planned manner. All investors have a different risk appetite and accordingly, Cognus provides tailor-made solutions to them with an assurance of better control over their own money.

Investor Education Program on Investment & Financial Management Investor Education Program on Investment & Financial Management

Investor meets have helped two-ways. Not only investors become aware of the upcoming financial products, but Cognus also gets a chance to understand the ROI expectations and design products accordingly

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