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Investor Meet for Securing the Future of Children

 Investor Awareness Seminar on
March 13, 2016

Investment proves to be a yielding tool when it delivers the results exactly when the investor needs them. Any investment which is not likely to give returns the way investor wants, when investor wants proves to be a matter of concern, especially it is carried out over an extended period of time. Mr Vinod Agrawal spoke at Investor Awareness Meet held at Hotel Rara Avis, Udaipur on 12 March, 2016 about the advantages of investing in SIPs for long term and showed how these can help any investor meet the bigger goals like supporting the children’s education or sending them abroad for studies.

SIPs when used to invest on a long term horizon generate fabulous results, the returns being higher than 30% when compared with other avenues. The power of compounding goes behind the working of these investment options - all these were the points of discussion in this Investment Awareness Meet.

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