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Investor Awareness Meet on Risk Aversion

Investor Awareness Meet
December 28, 2015

Investor Awareness Meet is organized with a focus on increasing the interest of investors in mutual funds and other related instruments. "We want people to have cognitive approach towards their saving habits. Every person saves for the rainy day, and if this habit turns out to be a boon in the later stage of life, then there is no reason why anybody should refrain from the habit of saving," says Vinod Agrawal, sales head of CCI.

Investor Meet Investor Meet

Investor meeting touched various aspects of making savings with a purpose. Everybody wants to be rich and self-dependent, mutual funds give you the premise for realizing all your dreams. Compelling performance over the years, and higher returns as compared to other avenues of savings have brought the mutual funds at the forefront. Investor meeting held at Hotel Royal Inn, Udaipur, provides clearer view to the investors of how the money will grow by investing in mutual funds with a focus on keeping the risk at a distance.

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