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Investors Meet on “Planning your future in the 30s”

investors meet
June 21, 2016

A retirement is known event of the life. Every one of us is aware of the fact that there would be a point in life on which our power to work and earn is exhausted. Earlier, most of the people were employed in the government offices. So, they had a source of income even after getting retired. But, now the market has been captured by the corporate sector, and there is no provision of pensions. Also, the businessmen have to retire someday from their business. Thus, if you do not plan for your post-retirement life well in advance, then you would have to pay the cost for it. Thus, CCI took an initiative to make the young people aware of the importance of making retirement planning at an early stage.

Mr. Vinod Agrawal presided over the meeting and elaborated the working and benefits of retirement plans. An early start would allow the clients to accumulate more over a stipulated period of time. The clients would not have to worry about their future and the expenditure. The investors had a lot of many doubts about the necessity to opt separately for the retirement schemes and not the capital-intensive plans. At the end of the session, the clients found the answers to all their doubts, and many of them pledged to invest. The meeting proved to be beneficial.

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