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CCI Arranged Investors Meet on Necessity of Mutual Funds & Diversification for Investment

Monthly Partners Meet
Oct 15, 2016

In the growing economy, it is important for everyone to get indulged in some investment activities to gain commendable income over a period of time. Among the various alternatives, CEO of Cognus Capital Invest, Mr Virendra Ranawat believes that Mutual Fund is the best one.

To impart substantial knowledge about mutual funds, Mr Atul Tripathi (Area Manager) hosted the investors' meeting held on October 15, 2016, at Hotel Meenakshi, Hiran Magri, Udaipur. He enlightened the investors by explaining the concepts of mutual fund investment. The entire meeting was focussed on explaining the necessities of investing in mutual fund. Mr Atul also explained the reasons why one needs to opt for diversification to make a productive investment, and how mutual fund offers the same.

Monthly Partners Meet

Investors also asked the questions they had in mind and Atul provided them with satisfactory answers. The aim of the meeting was successfully achieved and the clients were given every solution for their concerns. In the end, Mr Atul conferred some general concepts of investing as well, which were of great help for providing remarkable knowledge to the members.

The assembly concluded with an appreciable impact on the clients regarding mutual fund investments.

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