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Investor’s Meet on “Securing your child’s future”

investors meet
June 17, 2016

Parenting is the toughest job for any person. From raising the children to giving them better education and a bright future is a challenging task for all the parents. With the rising inflation, the cost of each and every service is going up. And if you plan to educate your children or marry them within the next ten years then it may be difficult to manage the accumulation of such a significant amount of insignificant savings. A proper schedule has to be followed which will give you the anticipated growth and aid the better future of your children.

Presiding over the session Mr. Vinod Agrawal shared a few investing tips with the clients for improving their investment strategies in order to accumulate more amount for securing their child future. He told the clients to invest in equity schemes by way of SIP, which would allow them to have a great corpus at the time of maturity. Capital appreciation is achieved through equity schemes as they are capable of providing the maximum rate of return on the investment. The meeting ended on a satisfactory note as the clients were delighted to get the insights of mutual fund investment for securing the future of their children.

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