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Partners Meet on Latest Trends in Mutual Funds

 Partners Meet on Latest Trends in Mutual Funds
January 9, 2016

Weather Forecasting is somewhat similar to the investment in mutual funds. Nobody can predict how many times the values will go up or down. A discussion was held during Partners Meet at Hotel Rara Avis on how to develop trust of investors in present scenario of mutual fund investments . "There should be an intelligent mix of debt-based and market-oriented options in a mutual fund," suggests Mr. Vinod Agrawal, sales head of CCI.

Investor Meet Investor Meet

People should hunt around for past record before investments in order to invest in a correct scheme. These type of discussions are very crucial to understand current trends of financial market so that we can correctly guide the clients in a right direction. Mr. Vinod Agrawal discussed with all the partners to improve the current services and work towards providing a bouquet of investment options that would attract one and all.

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