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Investor Awareness Meet on correct mix of investments

Investor Awareness Meet on correct mix of investments
January 16, 2016

Investor meet at Hotel Amantra focussed on the importance of investing in correct mix of investments. If you choose to invest in bank deposits only, you surely are missing the benefits of volatile market conditions and if you invest heavily in equity instruments, then you are definitely exposing yourself to huge risk. ‘Having a correct mix of equity and debt instruments is an amazing idea and SIPs provide the perfect platform for achieving the best of both the worlds, Mr Vinod Agrawal told investors during the meet.

How to make your money slog for you? This was the topic of discussion during the clients meet. Saving is a wise habit but if you can make gains out of it, this equation surely becomes a thing of unexpected delight. SIPs are the way by which you can make your own money a wealth creating tool, that too without putting much on risk. How SIPs can help in fulfilling your dreams was discussed in depth during the meet. The meet surely created a positive buzz among the investors who wanted some reliable platform to explore, apart from much talked about FDs.

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