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Client awareness session on benefits of liquid funds

Client Summit on Bringing Awareness about Investment Methods
May 21, 2016

Liquid funds as the name suggests is a mutual fund scheme which extends investment opportunities to the clients who have short-term investment objective. There are times when people want to invest their money for a relatively shorter period of time say 3-6 months. But, they do not know that apart from long-term capital gains mutual funds also fulfill the short-term requirements of the clients and hence they stick to the age-old methods of bank deposits. The expert team at CCI felt the need to communicate the profits which the clients are capable to draw from the liquid funds

The focus point of the session was to bring consciousness among the clients about the ability of the liquid funds to produce a copious amount of returns over a short-period of time. Bank deposits on one hand gives 4% rate of interest, while liquid funds are capable of returning as high as 8%, which is not facilitated by any other saving mechanism. The security factor is prime focus point for investing in liquid funds. They invest in money market instruments and show an upwards trending graph owing to the short tenure of investment. Mr. Vinod Agrawal addressed the clients and told them that they have the liberty to withdraw the invested sum as and when they want without having to pay any penalty for early redemption. He further elaborated that partial withdrawal is also possible in liquid funds. The clients left happily as all their doubts were cleared and hence, the meeting ended on a successful note.

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