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Investors Meet at Hindustan Zinc Limited

Investor Awareness Meet at Hotel Royal Inn, Udaipur
December 23, 2015

Mutual Fund has become a very popular investment option in India. This investment option has witnessed a rapid and healthy growth in last few years. All the individual or non-individual investors wanting to generate wealth over a long period of time,look upto mutual funds that satisfy a diverse set of savings and investment requirements. Mutual funds have successfully driven individuals towards equity instruments which were considered not so safe earlier. The spread of risk and high returns - this was the premise on which Cognus Capital Invest organized “Investor Awareness Meet” in Hindustan Zinc Limited.

Investor Meet Investor Meet

Vinod Agrawal, sales head of CCI, shared the advantages of building a mutual fund portfolio. He promoted the concept of investing in SIPs and mutual funds by giving them closer view of the performance achieved by these in the last few years. All those people who did not want to lock their money in low return investment options such as insurance policies were counselled for trying mutual funds as a promising investment option. “Better growth of money and subsequent realization of dreams even in situation of restricted savings - this is the magic of mutual funds that everybody should experience atleast once in their lifetime,” Mr Vinod concludes.

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