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Client Summit on Bringing Awareness about Investment Methods

Client Summit on Bringing Awareness about Investment Methods
May 13, 2016

By breaking the age-old tradition of savings, mutual funds have emerged as the new avenue for parking the money surplus of clients. But, still the misconceptions as well as unawareness have stimulated the clients away from investing. There are various schemes available under mutual funds like equity, debt, hybrid, liquid, diversified equity, tax saving and many more for satisfying the divergent needs of the clients. CCI conducted investors meet whose agenda was to make more and more people aware of the various methods and schemes available under mutual funds.

The meeting targeted at easing out the state of indecision prevailing among clients. The highlights of the meet were magnetizing investors towards mutual funds, different methods of investment like SIP and lump sum, keeping long-term perspective for investment, etc. Mr. Vinod Agrawal presided over the meeting and mitigated all the queries of the clients through presentations and charts. By spotting the difference between savings and investing, clients realized the potential of their money. They were able to find all the answers to their queries regarding mutual funds and all the other schemes. The meeting turned out to be fruitful for the investors who were unaware of the benefits available in mutual funds.

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